Support for Students

1. Newcastle University

Hate Crime and Sexual Violence Prevention Team

At Newcastle University we have colleagues who can support survivors of hate crime or hate incidents. Our team provides free, safe, non-judgemental guidance and support to students who have survived hate crime or hate incidents whilst at university. Our team can support you regardless of where the incident occurred. 

To seek support or guidance you can use Report and Support (click 'Speak to an advisor'), or email

Newcastle Student Health and Wellbeing Teams

Our Student Health and Wellbeing teams provide a range of support, including mental health support, disability support, and chaplaincy.

Safe Zone App

SafeZone is a free app for all students and colleagues that connects you directly to the University security team if you need help while you are on campus. 

You can get urgent help if you or someone near you, feels threatened or is the victim of an assault or robbery. You can also call for First Aid or help in less urgent situations. When you raise an alarm or call for help, all on-campus security team members will be alerted to your situation and location so that they can co-ordinate to help you quickly and effectively.
2. Newcastle University Student Union (NUSU)
Details about the NUSU Welfare and Equality Officer can be found here, and further details of support available from the Students' Union can be found here.

If matters are impacting on your academic work, your accommodation, or finances, you can contact the Student Advice Centre for support.

You can also report hate crimes and hate incidents directly to your Student Union via their disclosure form.

Support for Colleagues

1. Employee Assistance Programme

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provides support 24/7, 365 days a year. Support from the EAP is confidential, and provided by an organisation independent to the University. It is accessible via phone, email, or online at no cost to you. There is no limit to the number of issues you can receive support on. More details can be found here.

2. The Education Support Network

The Education Support Network provide free telephone and online support and counselling for anyone who works in education.

3. Trade Unions

Newcastle University recognises three campus trade unions, UNISON, UCU and UNITE 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened